Comment on Group gives 21 days ultimatum to almajarai to leave South East by Alain

I don’t want to hear people saying one Nigeria in Biafran land again. There has never been any one Nigeria in heaven mind and there won’t be any one Nigeria start from today. This our attitude of cash fools idiots of our people should stop with immediate effect because the world is changing so fast and is about to end. The US and China are on it again while reminding us , we ndi Igbo how foolishly we have become before them. They are now telling you that without their own medical subscription and their own hospital doctors we are virtually incapacitated in time of who we are and how the world see us now. They came here to take all your mineral resources with nothing but the almajiri style of living that required nothing but darkness. All these Biafran village champions should ask our diasporas what they see in other countries they live in to compare your own one Nigeria. Not even food, electricity or good road. So where is this our newly facebook Governors. Have they not visited Europe and America to see what these people have done with their grandparents initiatives and landmarks. Any one of you who plan against or sobotage IPOB freedom ACT again will die instantly. This northern side are not better than us in anything. Why should we allow this to continue. We are suffering from Britigerian government and American hardliners yet China is now asking us to subject ourselves to them for bulk factory and loan colonialism. So, I think we should stop the northern rule over us and ask China to come forward with a fresh new proposals and I’m sure the Britain are taking note of this. We are all equal before God. So let debate this equal right after Corona virus scenario otherwise every nation are on their own now. We
are going to return the English documents to Biafran . If China say no foreign (English) press are to be allow to access all of this, then we are going to document our people with Igbo language as we move fast to reject any document with other nation language. Sit at home every one and let each country buy and eat what they produce. Close the sea link and border ways and let every Nation stay in their own map. No more visas, should be cancelled. You can’t cover the Truth forever. It is clear now, so this white surperimacy on us should be warned for the last time. We are not animals. You’re not better than Igbos. But you’re the hero to the almajiri and their illetrates candidate of their 00 future.

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