Comment on Group urges Buhari to direct EFCC, ICPC to probe $1bn missing arms fund by Dr Uche Kalu

Those so called Patriots for Advancement of Peace and Social Development,
ought to be calling on President Buhari to tell the people of Nigeria,what has
become of the whooping sum of US$25bn for NNPC Petroleum Exploration
Contract in the North, not on his investigation of this paltry sum of US$1bn
for the purchase of arms.
Nonetheless, the erstwhile Army Chief of Staff, Lt.General Turku Yusuf
Buratai did misappropriate the huge sum of money disbursed to the Army
for the purchase of military equipments and vehicles.
Chief Ibrahim Magu and his men of EFCC did trace,Gen.Buratai loot in
the Emirate of Dubai, where he purchased a property with the name of one
of his wives.
The President is known to have shielded General Turku Buratai from
prosecution by the EFCC.
If that was a sort of quid pro quo deal between the Presidency and the
erstwhile Army Chief of Staff, some events do speak loud about that.
After all the General did mobilize and ordered our Armed Forces to help
rig the 2019 Presidential Election for their Principal and Commander in
Chief,the President.Lol!
Contrary to President Buhari’s mantra of corruption fighting,there are
some damning evidences of a gargantaun corruption proliferating in
every facet of Buhari’s APC Admnistration.
The President’s fight against corruption is very selective at best, a joke
taken too far and indeed an utter hogwash.
Nigeri We Hail Thee.Lol!

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