Comment on Gunmen kidnap monarch in Rivers by THE NOON

How many elected Governors been victims of abduction?. The often kidnaping of traditional rulers in Nigeria was a direct assault to an Africans culture, Heritage and Traditional values and custom because the traditional rulers are the custodian of cultural value and heritage however achieving peace and unity in democratic system of governance lies on a solid constitutional foundation of true democratic separation of powers that gives the traditional institutions a Chapter in the constitution which will defined a cleared constitutional roles for traditional rulers in adding values to governance independently from the executive and possibly from the legislature.
Those agitating for state police should reason, why is an elected Governors not victims of kidnaping in this ugly security situations confronting Nigerian’s as people? It was obviously cleared that States Governors has questionable influence over police which they always use for their selfish interest not really for the interest of the state. The main democratic steps of achieving peace and unity, adequate protection of lives and properties and maximum reduction of annual crime rates in Nigeria, There must be true democratic separation of powers like that of U.K, France and Netherlands which will tell the whole world that Nigeria may copied Americans democratic system but Nigerian’s historical background and its cultural and traditional values must play a key roles in its democratic system of governance in order to achieved the true message of Nigerian motto which many so called politician don’t even know if the public ask them, What is Nigeria n motto?

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