Comment on Hate Speech Bill: Cybercrime Act enough, FG tells Senate by THE NOON

These lawmakers at States and Federal levels failed to understand Nigerian Democratic society and its political mentalities that is why they are abusing legislative tools in a democratic system of government of which these kind of abused was a manifestations that democracy not really compatible with a sick society where symptoms of a sickness of a society are manifesting on daily basis while many of its had been legalised and moralised as part and parcel of Nigerian political culture. The National Assembly should acknowledged the fact that to make law in a country where its people and its political culture always violated law with the notion that it is normal things these raised questions of: How many legislation in the past that really changed the behavior of the society? Is it a matter of legislation or a cleared manifestations that all the institutions that formed a society The schools, The religions, The family and The value system had failed which neither lawmaking nor legislation would be a solution however which law will redeemed teeming Nigerian youth’s that indulged in sports betting as a ways of life and to some as means of livelihood? Which law again will make younger generation to cherished, adored, embraced and defend the legacies and biography of Nigerian past President/Head of states? Is all these a matters of lawmaking?

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