Comment on Herdsmen: Ebonyi to build ranches in 13 LGAs by Dr Uche Kalu

There will be neither open grazing nor Rugas in our entire South Eastern Region.
No never!
Not in EbonyI State or in Governor David Nwaeze Umahi’s home Town of
Uburu Ohaozara and in Arochukwu ,where his slave catcher and trader
ancestors originally came from.
If the Honourable Mazi David Nwaeze Umahi want to establish ranches
all over his State of Ebonyi,let him go ahead but not with those
barbaric,bellicose and murderous alien nomadic Fulani cattle drivers.
If the alien Fulanis from the Sahara yonder cannot cohabit with the
Indigenous Nigerians of the North, Christians,muslims and pagans like,
since Lord Frederick Lugard’s Amalgamation of 1914,how can they ever
learn to live with us Christian Igbos in harmony?
The Aro – Uzo Reprobate of Ohaozara Uburu, Dave Umahi, seems to have
forgotten that his Ebonyi State was once a part of our old Ogaja Province,
the erstwhile bread basket of old Eastern Nigeria, with a large Cattle Ranch
in Obudu and a smaller one in Abakliki his current State Capital City.
Every years in the 1950s and 1960s there used to be a week long famous
Agric Shows in Abakaliki,when robust Igbo- Cows , Sheep, Goats ,Pigs
Chicken et al (Efi – Igbo, Aturu, Ewu , Ezi , Okuko na di ozo) were in display.
The Noble Christian Igbos of Ebonyi State, particularly the Ibom Afikpo
people,whose Ibom Sacred Land has become the center of IslamIsm in the
South East, must stand up and vehemently resist any attempt to Fulanize,
Islamize and descrate their Ibom Holy Land.
Besides ,the filthy uncircumcised and uninoculated Nilotic Troglodytes,the
alien Fulanis will in their wake along with their cattle bring ,kwarikwata,
tse tse fly and tick invasions ; Cow and Monkey Pox, Cholera, Lassa
Fever, Leprosy,Lyme Disease, Poliomyelitis, Pertusis (whooping cough)
Salmonelloses, Trypanosomiases (sleeping sickness), Tb,Typhoid Fever
and lots of diseaes which hitherto are quite alien in our Igboland.
Our Millennials of Bakassi , IPOB, MASSOB and Ohanaeze Ndigbo et al,
should go after that Aro-Uzo Reprobate of Ebony State,Governor Umahi.
They should either hound him out of Ebonyi State House and if necessary
take him out because, it is the future of our unborn Igbo children that is at stake
Well ,according to Peter Howard,such petty and miguided plots and plans
like Davi Umahi’s and his Aboki business partners do rob a people and their
posterity their destiny and future.
”Ndigbo Chenu Echiche.
Nwa Umahi na acho Ndigbo ife.”
All Hail,Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Risiing Sun!

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