Comment on House of Reps: Why we’re supporting Gbajabiamila for Speakership position – Ihonvbere by Dr. Uche Kalu

That Omo Afonja, Mallam Femi Gbajabiamila is of course , a felon and a
wanted fugitive in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA.
It will indeed be a crying shame and a disgrace for our Lawmakers to have
a felon like Senator Gbajabiamila as their Speaker.
It were better for those useful-idiots, who are rooting for that criminal to
advise him to go the USA. He should bring an Atttest from the Attorney General of the State of Georgia,USA , to contradict the fact that he isn’t a wanted felon in Atlanta ,Georgia USA.
Mallam Femi Gbajabiamila’s tepid claim that he was never convicted in the US is simply an utter bunkum jare.

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