Comment on How bandits from Niger Republic invade Nigeria to wreak havoc by Ebuka Amaechi

Its shame of Nation if Snr Police Officer will be bold to tell Nigerians how Bandits frm little Niger Republic came into Nigeria Wrecked havock & left wtout being arrested by the Security agancies.One is compelled to ask how were Bandicts able to pass tru the Nations Boader uncaught by the Custom Person & other Security Agencies.Though the men where in Boarder to Collec Egunje frm this Criminals,who all ve free access into Nigeria,wt whatever they came in wt on payment of Egunje to the highly corrupt Security people.The recent confession by the Commissioner of Police,has given credence to late Ghanas foremost President,Dr Kwameh Nkurumah,Who described Nigerian in early Sixties as Toothles Gaint.Wither Nigerian State in present unacceptable absurdity happening in Naija.

Source: news

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