Comment on How Police killed suspected killers of Gulak by Dr Uche Kalu

That the Police killed the killers of Ahmed Gulak is simply a concoted
cock – and – bull story and indeed a mendacious uppity taken too far by
President Buhari’s Janjaweed Killer Squads ,in order to justify their
ongoing incipient campaign of genocide against our innocent, non-
violent and unarmed Igbo children.
A thorough forensic examination will certainly show that the guns,
”Okpu Isiagu” and other material evidences at the scene of the remains
of our Igbo children thus slaughtered in cold blood, were simply planted
there by the Police themselves.
By the way,why would any Igbo Group or an Igbo Individual want to have
Mallam Ahmed Gulak dead?
But we Igbos ain’t got no axe to grind with the bloke,who after all is on
our side.
May His Noble Soul Repose In Eternal Peace.Amen!
Come to think about that,it is an open secrect that Mallam Ahmed Gulak
has of late fallen out with some APC Chieftains.
Nonetheless, given the current siege on Igboland by a combined Nigerian
Armed Forces and the Police,solely commanded and dominated by
some Jihadist-prone Hausa/Fulani muslims and coupled with an order
by the President to them to shoot at sight;none of our non-violent
Biafran Nationalist Groups(the Bakassi Boys,IPOB or MASSOB)
would dare provoke those Buhar’s Janjaweed Soldiers and the Police.
Of course,there is indeed an undeclared war of genocide launched against our Igbo Millennials by the Igbophobe,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,who so
much loves to hate us Ndigbo with passion.
It is about time our Igbo Leaders; Political,Religous and Traditional alike,
who hitherto have been maintaining an equanimity of Pontious Pilate
over the ongoing utter extermination of our Igbo Millennials, did wake up
to the occassion.
Since,we don’t have the wherewithal to front our enemies, the onus is
upon our Igbo Leaders to immediately make a recourse to various International World Bodies and Organizations for a help.
”Ndigbo chenu echiche.
Onye aghala nwanne ya.
Kpum bu ogu.Iwu!”
All Hail Biafra our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun.!!

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