Comment on How to overcome insecurity in Nigeria, by Makinde, Alaafin, Olubadan by THE NOON

The constitution was truly not the problem while the agitation for state police by the agitators in any names remained a cleared delusions as far as internal security is concerns because failure to addresses jurisdictional issues will amounted to jurisdictional conflict among state and federal police of which those strongly advocating for state police still failed to defined jurisdictional matters, what really matters is just police control by state so what is that need to do about protection of lives and properties? Undoubtedly the Governors will surely abused state police for political and personal interest which by then it will be too late for defenceless Nigerians to cry. What is true federalism in a Democratic system of government? All the words true federalism, unitary are mere nonsense and baseless excuses as far as democracy is concerns because failure to abolished and abandoned Nigeria barbaric political culture that hindered Democratic development are the main reasons behind condemned the constitution which was neither the solutions nor ended the ugly socioeconomic and political challenges but directly add to the problem. Without a political culture that is compatible with democracy in Nigeria all the agitations in any names remained a futility

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