Comment on How we secured release of Kagara schoolboys, others –Gov Bello by THE NOON

The often kidnaping and banditry that has become regular activities of evil people that are taking advantages of the longtime abandoned of rural areas in key areas of an infrastructural development as well as security of rural dwellers confirmed the fact that there is no government in rural areas because democracy does not really exist at the constitutional third tiers of Government which covered over 600 Local Government out of 774 local government in Nigeria however these are cleared evidence that crime and criminality in all its names targeted rural areas because government does not exist at third tiers of government while these has also manifested in teeming rural urban migration that continue weakened the economy activities of urban settlement so why is the kidnaping of schools children always happened in rural areas? There is no records of kidnaping in schools around urban settlement, Why?. To achieved meaningful success in ensuring security of lives and properties and economy and political stabilities in Nigeria, local government administration must be viable in meeting up with its constitutional and statutory obligations as a small unit of democratic government independently from States government these will transformed rural areas and also changed the security architecture that only concentrated on urban settlement as if the rural dwellers are not human being.

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