Comment on How we’ll realise Oduduwa Republic – Agitators by THE NOON

The obvious reasons according to Dr Kunle Olajide were not only applicable to South Western part of Nigeria but the entire Africa, the fact and figures adduced were historically obvious chronological events and what really bonded Africans together as one family while these continually maintain the obvious realities which was undeniable that no matters the colonial boundaries which geographically created questionable barriers the long time era and its exodus of many ethnics groups in precolonial era, colonial era and post colonial era still economically and socially unfolded that Africans are ONE Family not really by colour of the skin but by long suffering together as people.
The agitation for Oduduwa Republic was another reality that democracy had failed while the failure of the so called agitators to reason with Dr Olajide and their desperation on futility confirmed that Nigerian political culture remained the major obstacles of Democratic system of government not democracy itself of which all the agitators in all the names, Oduduwa, Biafra etc should first tell the whole world, Why does their ethno religion and regional sentiment in producing Democratic leadership always failed them? The political parties ideology and its undemocratic culture on matters of selection of leadership at party levels which religious and tribal interest always prevailed over achieving a selfless and patriotic leaders on party platform also questioned the integrity of the agitators why their interest failed in the government the produced by their hands? The curiosity of President must come from my tribe, must be of my region and must be of my religion which eventually produced President Muhammadu Buhari from the north-FulaniMuslim, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo from south west Yoruba- Christian so Is there democratic justification for agitation on futility? Why much ado about futility when already your interest had been fully achieved politically in governance? Before any groups will agitated for republic in any name they are obliged to reflected on their attitudes when general election comes around and vividly realized the political atmosphere of Nigeria when ever election comes around these will tell truthful peoples that What We sow is What we rip in governance so would agitation for republic change the selfish mindset of people on matters of leadership?

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