Comment on I hope history’ll be kind to me -Buhari by Pascal Chimezie

Whenever Buhari talks you hear a hypocrite speaks. History will be kind to you? This is exactly the statement Gen. Ibrahim Babangida made during his inglorious days in power. And Chief Bola I’ve replied him: “You have to write that history by yourself.” In the same vein, Buhari will have to write that history which will be kind to him by himself. How many infrastructural projects have Buhari commissioned in his five years in power, after borrowing and borrowing and borrowing? Which project did he accomplish with $322m Abacha loot he received? He squandered it in buying votes for 2nd term election, only to go to China to borrow $328m! His government is for the Northerners not for all Nigerians. And I think he is talking to his Northern brothers who are now gloating over the rest of Nigerians, because their nepotistic brother is in power. So long as Nigeria remains, the tide will one day turn against them. They should not complain, nor threaten toake the country ungovernable.

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