Comment on I never ordered attack on Yoruba assets -IPOB leader by kabiyeze

This is the best game Fulani and British know how to play; DIVIDE AND RULE. Yoruba is a decent and hardwiking breed, not lazy and parasitic. They are quite accommodating and friendly with Igbos. They socialise, intermarry with Igbo’s. They are presently suffering oppression and discrimination with Igbo’s. Even the V.P. who is a Yoruba is being sidelined and discriminated against. How many times had Yorubas attacked and massacred Igbos or any other tribesmen, women and children? and how many times had Igbos massacred Yoruba’s or any other tribe. Then how come the Igbos will leave the oppressor in chief an start destroying properties of a friendly host and neighbour in oppression, not in Igboland but in the host’s land? Who will believe that? Even a Satan will not do that. If the Buharis soldiers could open fire on peaceful demonstrators in Lagos, why would they not shoot the hoodlums destroying public and private assets, if those hoodlums were not recruited and setup to cause division between Yoruba and Igbo’s as DIVIDE AND RULE tactics. They will fail. The other day, we read they invited Jonathàn and promised 2023 presidency just to cause division between South East and South South, not because they intended giving Jonathan anything.

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