Comment on I see APC, PDP breaking up and new party formed before 2023 –Gani Adams by Dr Uche Kalu

It is a painful and a wicked paradox that the Late Dr. Frederick Isiota Fasehun and his Heroic
OPC Youths would wrestle this country from the firm grips of our Hausa/Fulani Overlords,only for
the country to be thus handed back to the same Overlords of ours,by yet another Yoruba Group,
the Omo Afonjas (Yoruba muslims) led by Mallam Ahmed Bola Tinubu.
Today Nigerians are expriencing a feeling of ” deja vu ” of the 1980s ,when Major General Muhammadu Buhari opened the Pandora’s Box by his overthrow of our Democrat Governmment Alhaji Shehu Sagari and placed the country under Matial Laws.
Like the Military Despot he once was in the 1980s,Major General Muhammadu Buhari seems to again placed the country under Martial Laws .
Currently,he has abrogated the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people brutishly in the
expression of the Constitution,with all the operational institutions that the sacred document created by usurping the Executive, the elected Legislative Assemblies and the Judiciary under his
control,muzzling and silencing popular organizations like, labour,student union,human right groups et al.
Hunger and abject poverty is the order of the day.
General Muhammadu Buhari and his APC led Government have turned our country into a number One World’s Capital,destroyed our national unity,promoted strives and bloodlettings, turned blind eyes as marauding MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen run over communities and made our nation a large funeral palour.
How I wish,that the Noble Generalissmo,Chief Otunba Gina Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Oduduwaland ,could liaise immediately with the Leaders of SMBLF; (1) Dr. Isuwa Dogo of the
Middle Belt,(2) Prof. Chigozie Ogbu of the South East,(3) Senator Bassey Henshaw of the South South and (4) his Noble Kinsman,Chief Yinka Odumakin of the South West.
It is about time our case be taken to the appropriate World Bodies and Organizations like, the AU, ECOWAS,EU, UN and the USA for a permanent and a equitatable resolution.
Enough is enough.
”Yoruba Ronu!”
” Ndigbo Chenu Ec hiche!
Buhari must go jare.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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