Comment on Ibori: Reps halt disbursement of £4.2m repatriated fund by Ochendo

Just listen to the minister of justice and one will be highly disappointed with the depth of illogical minds most times put forward by officials of this government.a Governor of a state laundered state fund and now the fund has been recovered awaiting transfer it becomes federal government fund.what a stupid argument!!malami purposely came on air to stir the nest and gauge reactions.let delta state government get their legal team ready.we play up Nigerian factor everytime.if this fund was recovered say from former governor of sokoto state I can bet the so called attorney general will have a different mind set.the fund in question might be part of loans by the state government under ibori which the state government is either still paying or have fully repaid; might be part of federal allocation to the state;might be part of state IGR or aids from sundry sources.returning the fund to delta state does not call for any debate and mr minister (who appears to have lost his legal/moral mind) should be properly guided.if his position prevails because of the diplomatic shuttles by the federal government,then all these federal agencies should be decentralized.yes,let state governments investigate/prosecute their government officials and also undertake diplomatic overtures for funds wired outside the country.such funds in foreign countries should be transferred directly to the affected states when recovered.

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