Comment on Igangan massacre won’t happen again, says Makinde by ICHEOKU

ICHEOKU says another gale of fake promises. Is this the first time it happened? What are the guarantees it is going to be the last time when the governor is waiting for the government to give it license to buy guns. Did it get license from the government to form Amotekun? Did those Fulani terrorist get licenses to buy their own guns? Why not just contact some business men in Onitsha to supply the entire Yoruba State with as many AK-47 as they can pay for. Who needs licenses to buy what you can easily buy from known sources. It is just another layer of the never ending stories, by very incompetent and fearful persons who are not supposed to be called leaders in the first place. They were elected like Buhari and in a democracy, yet defers to him as if he is the lord of their manor and an absolute leader. But hey,…

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