Comment on Igbo may boycott 2023 elections –Ohanaeze by THE NOON

Since the advent of Democratic system of government in Nigeria, 20yrs ago only Ndigbo lacked Democratic direction while many time abused the principles of Democratic process, values and beauty amongst other ethics groups in Nigeria. The position of Ndigbo on Supreme court judgement and the continue assault to the judiciary showed a cleared transferred of malice because INEC as an electoral body should be blamed not the judiciary while the Democratic lessons of the judgement of the supreme court called for the constitutional reformed of INEC and the powers to appoint its Chairman as the only Democratic solutions while adopting Two party system will also end the irregularities of electoral process so the called for boycott of 2023 election was not only undemocratic but a cleared politically unmatured because Igbo’s as citizens of Nigeria has freedom to votes for any political party or candidates of their choice as far as democracy is concerns however it is time for Nigerians to reflected on many injuries the political culture has caused for the reputation of the judiciary since 1999 as a results of INEC irregularities and its often been puppet of political parties and politician because its so called Independent is questionable as far as conducting free, fair, credible and globally acceptable election is concerned.

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