Comment on Igbo yet to learn Nigeria’s political arithmetic – Sen. Okadigbo by Dr.Uche Kalu

Madam Margery Okadigbo does come across here as a silly opportunist,
who is basking in the blaze of her late husband’s popularity.
Her claim that we Ndigbo have yet to learn Nigeria’s Political Arithmetic
is indeed a faux pas and also very idiotic of her.
Her current membership of that Axis of Evil Party of conmen, Igbophobes
and liars,so called APC, does indeed expose her as a Quisling.
Nigeria’s Political Arithmetic indeed!
What about Nigerian’s Political Algebra,Geometry and Trigonometry ?Lol!
”Oriaku Chuba Okadigbo,Nne,biko hapu okwu.
” Kpachara anya gi,maka na gi na ndiotu gi na achu anyi Ndigbo ife.”
Apropos Nigeria’s Political Arithmetic; Curretly Nigeria is a Kleptocracy not
a Democracy and all the Nigerian Politicians,without an exception are all Kleptocrats not Democrats.
But we Igbos are traditionally Republicans and therefore Democrats.
”Igbo bu Eze.Igbo ewe Eze. Iwu!”
Nigerians are simply irredeemably corrupt to govern themselves.
That explains why in our supposedly great and rich country,with all that it
takes to be among the greatest and richest country in the world,is today a
failed moribund Banana Republic with the dearths of all the things taken for granted in this 21st century.
The late Mazi Chuba Wilberforce Okadigbo, did lose his Enyimba Spirit,and
went out his way, hobnobbing and dining with the enemies of Ndigbo without an extra long spoon.
With trumped up charges, that Great and Noble Son of Ndigbo, was indeed tarred and feathered, disgraced and finally hounded into his early demise by the enemies of Ndigbo.
May His Noble Soul Repose in Eternal Peace!!

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