Comment on Igboho: OPC, Agbekoya others call for release of 13 detainees by Ezekiel Okeke

Interim government of Oduduwa Republic led by Sunday Igboho etc. must sign agreement with Southern Countries Union member states now for military assistance, cooperation, relations to defend territorial borders of Oduduwa Republic, fix Yoruba land and economies. Southern Countries Union which comprises Asia, Africa, South America and parts of Europe led by Russia representing Europe, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Iran representing Asia, Brazil, Mexico representing South America, Egypt, South Africa representing Africa.

We this territory natives of Disintegrated Republics exist under Southern Countries Union, within Southern Defence Force, Southern Countries Union international market in this 21st century world of Multipolar international order with Multipolar international market. 20th century world unilateral international order with unilateral international market of Anglo-America is dead. Anglo-America world power has fallen and gone forever. Anglo-America UN, Breton Woods financial system, WTO, IMF, World bank etc. are dead. The era Anglo-America with their slaves bullied countries of the world and stole wealth of many countries is over and gone forever.

America, Britain, France, Anglo-America UN, EU fought for fulani criminals from Guinea to keep this territory natives under fulani rulership and lost. America, Britain, France, Anglo-America UN, EU which uses fulani criminals from Guinea to steal wealth of this territory natives, kill this territory natives, destroy economic developments of this territory natives.

We this territory natives who owns the land and are more than 99% population of this territory have defeated 1804 fulani caliphate with its emirates, the way we defeated 1914 amalgamation of British bandits in 1960. We’re now the government over our God given native lands in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, North East Republic, North West Republic, Midwest Republic. Hausa people, Kanuris etc. of the north will be traditional rulers, religious leaders, political office holders etc. over their God given native lands under their sovereign states. Southern natives will have democratic capacity under their sovereign states to fix their lands, economies.

Defeated thugs of fulani caliphate called military, police etc. which know nothing about Revolutionary Warfare, must be eliminated on every inch of the six sovereign states. Defeated fulani criminals must find their way back to Guinea- dead or alive in this 2021 the way defeated British bandits find their way back to Britain in 1960. Only the Sword decides.

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