Comment on IGP, South East leaders meet on security by Dr Uche Kalu

Why is that Aro-Uzo conman of Ebonyi State,Governor Dave Nwaeze Umahi talking about Farmers/Herders Committee?
There should be neither an open grazing nor any gobble -dy-gook Farmers/Herders Committee in Ala Igbo nor in any place in Southern Nigeria.
No! That is all cliched nonsense and very dangerous too.
The Fulanis should be encourged to ranch their cattle in the North and bring their dairy products and beef to the market in the South.
Open grazing does pose some serious health hazard to humans.
For examples:
1. Tse tse Fly Epidemic ; A bite of Tse tse Fly infect humans with Trypanosoma
brucei parasites which are the cause of Trypanosomiasis with its concomitant sleeping sickness and Sokungu ( Fulbe for mental disorder associated with sleeping sickness).
2. Ticks and Kwarikwata (body lice) Epidemic; A bite of which causes Lyme disease caused by bacteria belonging to genus Borrelia.
3. Cow dungs and urines contaminate our farmlands,streams and rivers with
the following bugs; Salmonella, Pathological E-coli, Vibro Cholera etc, causing
Salmonellosis,Typhoid fever, Cholera whic are all pandemic in the Islamic North.
4. Unvaccinated Zubu Cows is a reservior of Mycobcterium tuberculosis.Thus
the consumptions of such cow beef and dairy products are the common cause of TB epidemic in this country.
5.The filthy uncircumcised nomadic Fulani muslim cattle drivers , who with their abysmal poor hygiene do bathe only once in a year and indeed after Ramandan, and for the rest of the year their daily form of ablution is the washing of their faces, feet and genitals before prayers, do bring in their wake Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) HD, caused by Mycobbacterium leprae all over the country.
Leprosy was eradicted in Eastern Nigeria as far back as in the early 1960s only for the filthy Nigerian Vandal Soldiers to invade Biafran and reinfect us Easterners with their Mycobacterium leprae.Lol!!
Mazi Dave Nwaeze Umahi and his fellow Igbo Reprobates and Quislings of Governors are hereby warned to be very wary of those Fulani Herders bringing in their wake bugs,pests,sicknesses and deaths to Ala-Igbo.
”Ndigbo Chenú Echiche.
Ndiabakpa na achu anyi Ndigbo ife
Tokponu afu!”
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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