Comment on Ikeja Electric, NERC colluding to frustrate us, local residents complain by Engr. Celestine Chukwu

NERC is not working. They have joined the DISCO’s to frustrate customers. SInce 25th September,2019, officers of Ikeja Electric illegally disconnected power supply from my house. I submitted my complaint to NERC Ikeja Forum office since 7th October 2019. Do you know that till date, the NERC Forum has not attended to my complaint? I have been to their office several times to verify why my case has not been handled and they kept saying that they were yet to get Ikeja Electric’s feedback. This is against the NERC regulation that stipulates that when a DISCO omits or fails to respond to a customer’s complaint within a maximum of 15 working days, the NERC should handle the customer’s case without the benefit of the DISCO’s complaint, and that the customer’s complaint must be resolved within a maximum period of 2 months from the date the complaint was submitted. This is nearly three (3) months now and the NERC does not care that I have not had power supply to my house since September 2019. All the emails I sent to their headquarters has not be responded to till date, and they refuse to pick my calls all the days I tried calling them. My complaint which they assigned a file number IFO/4391/2019 has remained dormant in their records.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is for me at this festive period that I cannot buy perishable food items to store in my refrigerator.

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