Comment on I’ll comply with court order on ex-governor’s pension -Malami by THE NOON

SERAP action on many National matters failed to reflected on the principles of democracy and it’s process these often rendered SERAP efforts on issues undemocratic. Since it was the States house of assembly of these respective States statutorily established pension to Former Governors these had made it a rights for the former Governors inquestion to enjoyed pension while those to be blamed are the States legislature because they failed to be a good Democratic representative of their people by collectively supported the establishment of pensions for former Governors however a good Democratic representative of people put the interest of the people first in supporting a bill or opposing it because they are very concerns about the socioeconomic consequence of it so why does the pensions law for the States Governors succeeded in the first place? Or are the States legislature not aware of the ways many former Governors abused office to enriched themselves? How many former Governors in Nigeria faithfully served their States without questionably abused power? SERAP should direct their action to Legislature at all levels because the Democratic position of the legislature cannot be overemphasis as far as democracy is concerns. If the outcry of hate speeches bill and the punishment Therein eventually becomes law so who should be responsible for it?.

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