Comment on I’m devoted to Nigeria’s unity –Buhari  by DR Uche Kalu

A man like Mallam Muhammadu Buhari,who hitherto had been committed to seeing
Sharia-jurisprudence implemented all over Nigeria,can ‘t also claim to be devoted to
Nigeria’s unity.
No! Such a claim by President Buhari is indeed a contradiction and an utter ”Taqqiya”
It seems as if President Buhari is quite oblivious of the fact that our country Nigeria,is a
multi-cultural, a multi-ethnic and a multi-religious country of nations.
Thus, as long as the Fulani Sultanate of Sokoto,which is virtually a parallel Islamic Republic within our supposedly Secular Republic of Nigeria exists,coupled with our OIC, C8,C15 Memberships, and of course, Sharia imposition there,unity in Nigeria will forever
remain illusive.
There can only be unity in Nigeria if the power-that- be in the country dismantles the Sultanate of Sokoto,abrogates Sharia, pulls Nigeria from OIC,C8,C15 memberships and accepts whole-heartedly,the Secularity of our Common Wealth Republic of Nigeria.
Nonethelees, Nigeria must be restructured with power devolved to our various New Constituent Units and a long with that, Fiscal Federlism cum 100% Resourse Control.
Without that the ulternative might be war and our eventual break-up, like the Yugoslaves.
So; ” Si vis pacem para bellum ”.

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