Comment on Imo and the Ihedioha doctrine by Iheanyi Ohiaeri

These bloody Igbos, permanent bogeymen of the very miserable Nigerian life. While the country is descending into abject poverty and want, as the new poverty capital and shithole of the world, the people are distracted by the antics of Government , continually using the Igbo as bogeymen of Nigerian life.
Meanwhile, as the denizens of the poverty-stricken state are fixated on the fortunes and misfortunes of the Igbo, their resources -land, oil and gas, ports, fishing grounds and orange/banana groves, are surreptitiously seized by the political overloads of the North of this famished land.

But do the miserable denizens care a hoot? Not really. They are fixated on the Igbo, like drug addicts on heroin and cocaine, oblivious of the real source of their addiction- poverty induced by a seizure of their resources, while they slept, dreaming about the Igbo. Who will save Nigeria from the Igbo? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Source: news

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