Comment on In reality, a Buhari-Obasanjo showdown by THE NOON

This article only porteress the already symptoms of a sickness of a society in Nigeria political culture without redress its barbaric characteristics in the direction of What democracy really all about moreover the author motives show senses of an unpatriotic citizen by logically given priorities to his personal opinion in adducing baseless, unreliable and unfair fact in issues that lacked Democratic and political lessons in all ramifications that defined knowledge based solution of a societal problems because it only give back to the society exactly what its likes. The headline as well as what its purported was totally undemocratic in a manner that painted Former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo a colour that violated his right to choose a Presidential candidates of his choice, violated his freedom to belong to political party of his choice as well as labelled him as problems of Nigerian political instabilities however No matter how Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was ungratefully labelled without much regards and commendation to his unprecedented socioeconomy, political and military legacies as former Head of States and former democratically elected President the 2019 presidential election still remained a contest between PDP and APC therefore it is primary obligations of THE NOON to protect and defended the realm of Nigerian former President/Head of States because together they remained symbol of National Unity by virtue of their biography, their sacrifice and their legacy these showed that they remained Heroes of an unquestionable Characters if the society really need a Democratic United future like that of USA past President of the country integrity should not be a subject of ridiculed in the name of playing politics moreover it should be an obligations of every Nigerians to understand the fact that “Upholding our Honor and Glory” in the National Pledge are not Petroleum nor any natural resources but remained Nigerian past President/Head of States.

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