Comment on Inconclusive election not part of our laws -Golu by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

Cancerous “Inconclusive Elections”, a serious dent to INEC Integrity Before Nigerians and Global Communities!!!

“Inconclusive election” was said by the majority of opinions of Nigerians, as political applied process of raping All-inclusive Democracy in Nigeria, and rigging the election in favour of the “political powers that be”!

2019 elections: Federal and States, from every indication, were characterized with all sorts of social vices and malpractices; social injustices, militerizations and unfairness, among other things.

“Inconclusive elections” in many States, were devilishly used by the said “political powers that be” to achieve their selfish and self-centeredness in 2019 Federal and States’ elections, which was highly undemocratic and notoriously barbaric in every sense of Democratic inclusive reasoning.

2019 “Inconclusive election” was a “political powers that be” strategies to shamelessly rape the Nigeria Democracy across the States in the broad day light, and to steal the people’s mandate in favour of the political godfathers and political cabals in Nigeria!

They, the said “political powers that be” used all sorts of militerizations, especially against the Nigerian people who neutrally want to demonstrate their civil responsibilities and civic rights of interest and choice on pure Democratic social justices.

Indeed, “Inconclusive election” is a serious cancerous corruption against the true All-inclusive Democracy in Nigeria. It is so deadly to Democracy in today’s Nigeria!

The INEC integrity is highly questionable in 2019 presidential and other elections, especially in regards to the accuse of their Federal and States officials’ partisan activities before and during the elections, which is worrisome in the Democratic system.

Indeed, something reasonable needs to be done to ensure that the INEC Federal and States officials, are not bribed for political partisan activities during the elections in Nigeria!

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