Comment on INEC holds supplementary polls in Kano, 5 others March 23 by THE NOON

These reasons were mostly the negligence and total failure to learned from past records of election from the side of electoral umpire while other reasons were inevitable as part of Nigerian political culture however Mr inconclusive show know that INEC does not have judicial power because whether election is free, fair and credible the judiciary has final says past election judgement were cleared examples where court order total reruns or removal of the said winner from office these are reasons why INEC should stop wasting Nigerian money carelessly while his inconclusive styles has tendacy to triggered civil unrest in an atmosphere of kill and destroy political tension. Supplementary election or not supplementary election judicial decision prevailed because all the issues raised by INEC it would be well entertain by court in a manner where politician will face the consequence of all what they do during election without fear, favour and bias at the same time served as judicial precedent as possible solutions to future electoral crisis.

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