Comment on INEC reviews ban on political campaigns today by THE NOON

Where are the human rights activist? The timing of the postponement of the election by the INEC chairman violated fundamental rights of the electorate as well as Nigerians moreover the direct socioeconomy and political consequence which should be considered before the postponement of which the sensitivity nature of changing an already fixed date of an election has tendacy to badly affected socioeconomy lives of people because this was a total breached of fair hearing however failure to sue INEC chairman remained a promotion of lawlessness where it will soon become a culture as well a symptoms of a sickness of a society because fundamental right was inquestion and should not be an object of politics in a democratic system, These are not all about PDP or APC or any party victory but human right. More than 90% of Nigerians are expected to show concerned on the angle of human right violation on the matter of election postponement but very sad majority of the so called educated in country are only curious about the election victory of either APC or PDP while these confirmed the philosophical diagnosed of Nigeria society by late Fela Kuti in his lyrics (Suffering & Smiling). This type of an undemocratic postponement of election will never happened in a matured Democratic countries because any act or omission of any appointed or elected office holders that will violated human right or hindered economy and social activities will not be allowed because economy and human right remained a key priorities while Nigerians and its barbaric political culture often disregard economy and human right. If Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu go unpunished for his action without creating a judicial precedent that will prevent future reoccurrence defiantly anybody or groups in any named should stopped accusing Gen. IBB for the annulment of June-12-1993 presidential election which neither violated human right nor hindered economy activities but a philosophy of building Democratic society without fear, favor and sentiment. GOD Bless Gen. IBB

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