Comment on Insecurity: Buhari has failed the nation –Northern elders by Azzo

What??!!! You are just waking up from your slumber I guess. Good riddance. Now at least we can begin to think how best we can get rid of stereotypical beliefs hinged on tribe and religion. I am happy to read that come 2023 you will only vote for the candidate(s) that will lead the country aright irrespective of their tribe or religion – VERY GOOD NEF!!! I love you all for taking that bold step to even announce it. Perhaps to even help buttress your point, you could also add that Buhari should initiate the process of stepping down. You could also, if only to buttress your stand, set up a committee to begin to look into ways you can accept, support and apply the long gagged restructuring policy to better your region and the country as a whole. Well done sirs. God bless you Northern Elders, Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole. Amen

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