Comment on Insecurity: Buhari replies Ortom, says I’m disappointed in you by Azzo

Really!! Disappointed in governor Ortom? Is this truly from Aso Rock? Let us put the records straight here, if anyone in this country has disappointed the other, that is a tolerant misgiving. What is intolerant is when a government with all the paraphernalia of governance, the unreserved and complete trust from its citizens fails woefully to put these to good use, breach the trust from citizens and even so watch mayhem unleashed on them, the leadership refuses completely to address and update its citizens on regular basis, this is not just disappointment, but grotesque disappointment. Agreed, sometimes matters could overwhelm a government, but then their is and would always be that option to seek help. But when a government is overwhelmed and refuses to seek help to help its citizens who suffer and pay the supreme price on a daily basis, then that government is suspect and should no longer be trusted. Governor Ortom screams from the top of his voice when any citizen in Benue State is killed. Those in Aso Rock keep quiet completely. When they do speak, they put the blame somewhere else – herdsmen from Libya or put the blame on Nigerians as we were told recently. Now they have spoken again, and guess what, they blame is on Governor Ortom. The records speaks clearly for all to hear and see. The biggest disappointment is from Aso Rock. It is a complete disgrace, unprecedented display of incompetence to apply all resource available in looking for scapegoats. The FG is a monster.

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