Comment on Insecurity: CAN alerts UN, US, UK on danger ahead by THE NOON

Apparently CAN as a religion body in Nigeria was indirectly telling the whole world that GOD Almighty has refused to answers all their collectives prayers on security challenges of the country that is why the religion body is directing it’s petition to its Gods U.S, U.K and U.N. These countries were also battling with internal security challenge’s of which they obviously understand the fact that allowing the ugly situations to takes religious or ethics dimensions would aggravated the process of prevention, protection and investigation of all criminalities while lasting solutions would be hindered in the security efforts of protection of lives and properties. It is time for CAN to know it’s legal limitations as an association since it does not know Democratic meaning of northern Christian and Christian community in a secular country like Nigeria of which CAN as a religion body has turned to political party or a religious activism which continue discredited the teaching of Christianity. Since religious had failed in all ramifications that defined a religious society where fear of poverty prevailed over fear of God in Nigeria that made many people to indulged in rituals money because the bad governance, the political environment and hopeless economy situations had printed it in the mind and hearts of youth’s that No government program will removed them from poverty nor their hard works but rituals money, cyber crimes, sports betting and many criminalities unfolding itself as a result if desperate to be rich because all religious teaching in Nigeria had failed that is why Nigeria youths strongly believed you can only be rich by embezzlement of public funds or rituals money. What is CAN position of the recent killing of an Innocent girl ( Favour) by her boy friend for ritual money these related criminality should be a concerns for CAN than often matters of Governance that often ridiculed the teaching and preaching of Christianity however The Supreme Council for Islamic affairs as a councils has unlimited jurisdiction on matter that concerns not only Muslims but humanity will interfere with murdered of Favour to tell CAN its limits as an association.

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