Comment on Insecurity, graft killing Nigeria – Cardinal Onaiyekan by THE NOON

A divinely inspiration from GOD through the anointed person whom legacies and charisma remained a model that build Bridges of love, build Bridges of spiritual emancipation that keep opened the eyes and minds of people that no matter our difference We are descendent of ADAM and no matter our claimed to be holy We are imperfect and the only symbol of one Nigeria in Word and Action yesterday, today and forever. These Messianic inspiration was calling the attention of Nigerian women to formed a political patriotic front as the only solution to redeemed Nigeria from many unwarranted, baseless and barbaric political ideology that keep dividing people along sensitive lines of etho,religious and regional background which directly made Nigerian women the main victims of general insecurities of lives and properties while these ordeals continue put them in socioeconomic and political bondages however the patriotic front also mean a United front that will discredited the unconstitutional office of the First Lady at all levels abandoned the agitation for the 35% gender position and focus more on producing women in an elected offices in an executive capacity. May GOD give archbishop emeritus John Cardinal Onaekan more sound health, wisdom and protection for always playing his role as spiritual father of ONE NIGERIA.

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