Comment on Insecurity: Miyetti Allah establishes own security outfit by Dr Uche Kalu

The Yoruba established their own Security Network (Outfit) codenamed,
” Amotekun ”, in Yorubland and the Igbos did follow suit in Igboland.
I do reckon that other Nigerian ethnic Nationalities will soon be going to
borrow a leaf from the Igbos and the Yorubas by doing so in their own lands.
But where are those landless Nilotic Troglodytes, the Fulani sojourners of the
North going to establish their own fucking Security Outfit?
Oh yes!
I do remember that just a couple of years ago , the Secretary General of MACBAN,
Alhaji Sale Al Hassan,in his grand standing and naive braggadocio did openly
declare that, quote, ”The land of all Nigeria belongs to the Fulanis,” unquote.
Not longe ago also, the National President of MAC BAN,Mallam Abdullahi Bello
Bodejo publicly enthused that the Fulanis will rule Nigeria forever, and that he
was soon going to mobilize about 1500 Fulani Vigilante Militias.
Adamawa,Benue ,Borno,Kaduna Katsina,Sokoto, Taraba,Yobe and Zamfara
States are daily pillaged by marauding Fulani bandits,kidnappers and Jihadists,
who destroy farmdlands and crops, burn and sack farmsteads,hamlets and
villages defile the women folks,cleansing Native Nigerians from their
ancestral land and leaving behind some bloodshed on their trails.
The situation has fúrther been exacerbate by President Buhari’s dual policies
of visa – on -arrival and visa- free-entry to Nigeria for all Africans.
The above dual polices did open some floodgates for the influx of alien
Fulanis from far away countries like Borkina Faso, CAR,Darfur, Gambia,
Guinea,Mali, Niger, Senegal,Somalia, Sudan e al.
There are over 3 million Nigerian in IDP Camps in the North and another
half a Million of Nigerians displaced in a our neighbouring countries of
Cameroon,Chad and Niger.
Upon all that, the president ,his cahoots and cohort do refer to the ongoing
incipient genocide in the North as mere Farmers’/Herders’ Clashes.
While designating our flagbearing ,nonviolent and unarmed Millennials
of IPOB as Terrorist Group, President Buhari orders the Nigeria Army and
the Police to offer logistics to his rampaging Fualni Herders,whose Grand
Patron,of cours, he is.
Why doesn’t President Buhari designate his barbaric,bellicose and murderous
Fulani Herdsmen Killers as a Terrorist Group, that they really are?
The ongoing foreboding silence and the inaction of our Indigenous
Nigeria Leaders, Political,Religous and Traditional alike,vis – a-vis the
current Hobbessian State of Nature in the country do make them
At this juncture therefore,it behoove our Human Right Organiztions,true
Nigerian Patriots and well meaning Nigerians to waked up to the occasion
and confrot the Tyrant,Mallam Muhammadu Buhari.
Well, according to Thomas Jefferson,”When tyranny becomes a law,rebellion
become a duty’.”
Enough is enough!
Mallam Muhammadu Buhari must go ojare
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fualni Islamic Hegemony!!

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