Comment on Insecurity: Nigeria in critical situation –Defence minister by THE NOON

Until the armed forces ask themselves this fundamental question, Why is the Nigerians has the strong notion that the security chiefs must be changed as the only solution to internal security challenges? So is there any reasonable difference between the era of past security chiefs and the present security chiefs on matters of guaranteed security of lives and properties?. The nature of Nigeria insecurities challenges and its barbaric ethno, religious and regional dimension directly questioned Nigerian Motto while Nigerian political atmosphere and its characteristics only defined a political culture that was not compatible with democracy so to proffered solution to general insecurities of lives and properties Democracy must be practically defined where its political culture must be drives by Patriotism. The Nigerian Armed Forces can never recorded meaningful success on their statutory obligations in this type of Sicked society called Nigeria because this same society that rejected your predecessors will soon rejected you baselessly no matter your sacrifices and commitment to fatherland of which the barbaric political culture and its notions remained the only obstacles of Democratic development so how could The Armed Forces succeed on their statutory obligations in a society where the political culture failed to promote the country constitutional Motto? Where is UNITY? Where is FAITH? Where is PEACE? Where is PROGRESS?. They are all dead.
As a matters of necessity The Nigerian Armed forces should reflected vividly that over 20years of democracy in Nigeria its barbaric political culture had systematically Murdered the spirit of patriotism in the people and without Patriotism there will be NO meaningful success on protection of lives and properties

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