Comment on Insecurity: Prof Sagay explodes: Enough is enough! Every Nigerian should carry arms by THE NOON

How could you be sitting there telling Nigerian’s that everybody should take armed as solutions, that is a ridiculous decision from a professor of law imagine. Or is Sagay not aware of the type of society called Nigeria? A very sicked society that can never be called an educated society or be called a religious society of which its characteristic unfolded a mentality that always abused any forms of privileges, rights and opportunities these barbaric nature of abused are manifesting daily in all areas that keep asking what type society is this? Abused of social media/internet, Abused of rights and abused of almost everything even on the roads which obviously raised questions of why is Nigerian’s not law abiden citizens? So for every Nigerian’s to carry arms 99.99% will use it to aid their criminal minds of wanted to be rich over night while some will see it as an opportunities to take law into their hands therefore is the taking of arms as solutions add to the problems or help the situation?. A learned persons is expected to understand criminal psychology as well be wise in his counsel in order not to mislead people because even U.S.A where people have rights to possess arms the country is now looking for solution on gun control,Why?. Or is sagay not aware of annual crime rates in the US is lower than crime rates in Nigeria unarquebly sagay will surely be the first victim of domestic killing if every Nigerian’s carry arms.

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