Comment on Insecurity responsible for break-up agitation –FG by Azzo

Point of correction you dis old man who should be in retirement. Agitation predates your (it must be said) very clueless and incompetent government. It is this style and nature of your government that has embellished the clamour for agitation. As a reminder, it is this agitation that brought about the national sovereign conference during the GEJ administration whose report is yet to be ratified by your clueless government to this day. Not only has the APC government brought about insecurity and gross impoverishment of people and country, it has continued to deliberately promote insecurity and applaud failure. I make these comments without fear or favour as the evidence are glaring for the world to see. Your government has failed terribly, it is the worst government in the history of Nigeria. Never have we seen or witnessed such incompetence in government. A government that negotiates with bandits, a government whose military and security apparatus are afraid to engage hoodlums and criminals full force, (same military might that wrote its name in gold during the ECOMOG engagement in Liberia), a government whose appointments are based on gross nepotism rather than merit, a government on whose watch the naira has fallen near #600 to $1, a government whose leader has spent the best of 85% presence in a London hospital than at home and yet you come on here to tell us insecurity is the reason for agitation. Your government deliberately introduced insecurity in the list of agitations and it is presently stepping on the gas pedal of disunity and disintegration of the nation. Kudos to APC. well done.

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