Comment on Insecurity: S’East at war with self –Gov Umahi by Dr Uche Kalu

In his above address the Aro Uzo Quisling,David Nwa Umahi wasted not
a signle word on the Fulani Killer Herdsmen,who have dug in permnently
all over his Ebonyi State and Alaigbo in general.
When President Buhari appointed Governor Umahi as his Chairman of
Farmers/Herders Reconciliation Committee, that bloody Reprobate did
follow that up by signing an agreement with the MACBAN Sheikhs to
establish Rugas in all his 13 State Local Government Areas.
Governor Umahi is yet to rescind or nullify his above agreement with his
Aboki Paymasters.
He announced a ban on open grazing in the South East without a law to
back that up.
Furthermore,the recent Ebubeagu Joint Security Nework Units launched
in Ebonyi State by Governor Umahi is more of his Personal Militias or rather his Bogeymen.
Instead of deploying his Ebubeagu Units against the Fulani Killer Herdsmen, who are ubiquitous in Ebonyi State,the Governor has rather set them against
pickpocketing and petty criminals in his State Capital of Abakaliki.
The people of Ebonyi State must compel their wayward Governor to
immediately dismantle Ogbeawusa Settlement in Ebonyi State Capital,
which has become a permanent place of abode for sleeper Fulani
Jihadists and Killer Herdsmen.
He must also borrow a leaf from the Noble Ibom People of Afikpo by
banning the sales and consumptions of ”Anu Efi Nama” (Zebu cow beef)
in Ebony State.
That will be the best way to confront those bloody barbaric,bellicose and murderous Fulani Killer Herdsmen without firing some shots at them.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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