Comment on Insecurity: Soyinka advises FG to go back to drawing board by THE NOON

Prof. Soyinka should defined what He mean by Drawing Board and the categories of Nigerians that will go back to Drawing board then which journey to resume?.
Undoubtedly the failure of Prof. Sole Soyinka to philosophically and accurately diagnosed Nigeria as a society confirmed the fact that His roles in 2012 protest against Former President Jonathan on PMS increase and many roles played on National matters made Him part and parcel of Nigeria problems because his positions now on National matters were obviously hypocratical and lacked knowledge based solutions however a true diagnosed of Nigeria society from precolonial and post colonial era would accurately knew where Nigeria was coming from politically, socially and economically which the advent of democracy and its barbaric political culture use more than 20years to systematically destroyed therefore what is the major problems of Nigeria, Is it truely The Constitution? Is it 1914 Amalgamation? Is it the system of government I.e Democracy?. The answer simply is total failure of all institutions that constituted a society, The Schools, The religion, The Family and bad examples of Democratic leadership and also leadership at all levels which its symptoms were manifesting on daily basis so how could a sicked society go back to drawing board?. These symptoms of sickness of a society must firstly be cure with military brutality not really to persecute but to inculcate disciplines before going back to drawing board and resume to the journey of UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS

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