Comment on Insecurity: We’re being pushed to the wall – Gani Adams by Dr Uche Kalu

Generalissimo Iba Gani Adams,the Great and Noble Aare Onakakanfo of
Great Oduwaland,ought to change his tactics in confronting the ongoing
Fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria by the Neo-Colonilist Fulanis in
Since,his Amotekun Brigade Members are not allowed to carry arms,let
him make it a sine qua non that everybody living in the South West is
properly documented , registered, finger-printed, computerized and issued
with Id-card.
Amotekun Vigilantes should be authorized to arrest undocumented
persons and hand them over to the police like they recently did with the
Boss of the Fulani bandits, kidnappers and murderers, Sheikh Wakili, in
Oyo State.
The Generalismo should also mobilize his Yoruba Millennials in
support of that brave and daring Sunday Ighoho.
He must also reach out and encourage his counterparts of the Middle
Belt, South East and South South, especially the members of SMBLF
(South and Middle Belt Leaders’ Forum) to emulate him.
What is currently happening in Ogun,Ondo and Oyo State today must not
be allowed to spread all over the South.
The continued existence of the anachronistic Caliphate of Sokoto,which
is virtually a parallel Islamic Republic within our supposedly Secular
Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria must be dismantled and the
imposition of fucking Sharia-jurisprudence in the country abrogated.
At this juncture,and given the ongoing Futahat Campaign of daily
pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native Kwa/Bantu Nigerians
from their ancestral´lands by the barbaric,bellicose and murderous alien
Fulani nomadic cattle divers,the ultima ratio is for us Nigerians to go
our fucking separate ways in peace rather than to resort to yet another
civil war like in 1967-1970.
The late Major Gideon Orkar’s option remains the only alternative left for
us native Kwa/Bantu Nigerians today, if the Abokis do refuse to have the
country restructured immediately.
The North East and North West must be excised from the rest of the
country,as a separate Islamic Republic for those bloody fucking Hausa/
Fulani muslims only.
Enough is enough ojare.
Nigeria We Hail Thee.Lol!
No to the sttus quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!!

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