Comment on IPOB warns Ortom, threatens to invade Benue to protect Igbo by Azzo

Very idiotic, stupid and illiterate individuals under the banner of the proscribed toothless renegade association called IPOB. If you have any grey matter at all left in your fast depleting skulls, please tell us who amongst the whole governors of Nigeria today who is at the fore front of addressing insecurity in their domain? On whose advice, cry, and instructive policy is the presidency at last giving the ‘shoot at sight’ order on any persons carrying illegal weapons e.g. AK47? Who amongst the governors is shouting the loudest that all Nigerian citizens be armed for self protection? A few years back when Miyetti Allah group led the onslaught in Benue killing as many as 172 persons, please tell us how of these were Igbos. The problem with you guys is not really your problem, it is the publishing companies and the press who give you time and space to publish rubbish on their page. Otherwise the whole lot of you are very unschooled jobless vagabonds. Terribly disrespectful, terribly illiterate. Where and when did the Igbos give you the mandate to act on their behalf? Why is your leader not in the country fighting with the last drop of his blood like he has always promised you marabouts? I seriously blame the press.

Source: news

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