Comment on ISWAP executions: Don’t let terrorists divide us, Buhari tells Nigerians by Pascal Chimezie

Rhetorics. Just Buhari rhetorics! Another word from a hypocrite. More than boko haram, General Buhari has done more to divide Nigerians along religious line. By his unpretentious words and actions, he has raised religious bigotry to all time high in Nigeria. If Buhari is sincere about fighting boko haram and other forms of Islamic insurgency in Nigeria, he should fire Turkur Buratai, chief of army staff, and other service chiefs, NOW! Nigerians are no longer safe in the country. Is it not Buhari who has repeatedly maintained that he had defeated boko haram? Is it not Buhari who told the whole world in 2015 that within six months boko haram would be a thing of the past? Is it not this same Buhari who deceived Nigerians to vote him to power on the basis that security is his strongest point? Please, sir tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about boko haram activity in Nigeria. History you claimed would be kind to you is watching.

Source: news

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