Comment on It’s a lie, IPOB did not “beat” Rotimi Amaechi, says media team by Dr Uche Kalu

What a rude encounter for the Ikwere Quisling,Mazi Chibuike Amaechi there
in Spain!
It thus all the same,serves him right that our IPOB Boys,would not allow that traitor go gallavanting round that Great Iberian City of Madrid for a mere minute of sight seeing.Lol!!
He could have however, encountered lots of Nigerian prostitutes, who are ubiquitous all over Spain.
According to Spanish Official Estimates,90% of Black African Prostitutes in
Madrid alone are Nigerians.All of them are from Chief Amaechi’s South South.
The Nigerian Transport Minister, the Rt. Honourable Chibuike Amaechi also missed the opportunity of going to the Orchards and Horticultures of Andalucia, Barcelona, Cordoba and Granada to see Nigerian slave labourers planting and harvesting fruits and flowers,12 hours a day and for less than 2 Euros per hour.
Like slaves,their places of abodes are tents without sanitatitions.
There is the man,who as a Governor of River State, plundered his State’s Treasury, leaving his State Employees and Persioners unpaid for a bloody seven months,in order to finance President Buhari’s 2015 Presidential Election .
For all that,the reprobate got his current Transport Ministry Post.
How I wish our IPOB Boys had got that Ikwere Quisling and had given a bashing for a good measure indeed.Lol!!

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