Comment on It’s time to heal wounds, unite –Lawan by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

Easter as the season of victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, the universal Prince of Peace, is a great season of universal peace and all desired prosperity and progress!

Linking on the above, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan’s Easter Goodwill message of peace, “to heal wounds and reunite across board” is unavoidable necessity in Nigeria for all the Nigerians of all tribes and cultures.

He, Lawan is one of the peaceful Nigerians, who has not openly and callously advocate for the political marginalization of other Nigerians, nepotism, including the sectionalization of the Federal political appointments, and militarization of other Nigerians, as many other Northern political cabals politically advocate, especially since 2015 till recently.

Only that his (Lawan’s) claimed “so that the prosperity promised by this administration…, would be actualized”, with all the 2015 till date, observed barbaric/undemocratic attitudes and political activities of the presidency, is unrealistic.

During the 2014/2015 presidential election’s campaign, they who are now in the presidency, made several political promises of good governance, among others, with “change” mantra, which regrettably and painfully turned to become slavery chain to the Nigerians economy with unforetold hardships and security breakdown, with claims of fighting the reasonably noticed, highly politically biased, sectionalized and undemocratic “corruption”.

Among others, there were political sectionalized appointments-activities by the presidency, and undemocratic abuse of the “Rules of Law” and “Federal Character” principles for any Federal Government’s political appointments from 2015 till recently.

All true and honest Democratic Nigerians, have obviously lost all senses of Democratic trusts and confidence in President Buhari’s administration, which the ungodly/Godless Northern political cabals have deployed the use of Security Agencies, to enforce him on Nigerians, against their all-inclusive Democratic leadership choice!

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