Comment on Judgment Day for Buhari, Atiku by Dr Uche kalu

With all those damning evidences against President Buhari coupled with his four counts of lying under oath and two counts of High School Certificate forgeries,it will indeed be the worst scandal ever witnessed in this country,if
the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal lets him off the hook.
If President Buhari could fire his Finance Minister,Madame Kemi Adesun for her mere falsification of her Youths Corps Service Report,why must he,Buhari go scot-free for his more serious offence,which indeed borders on treasonble felony?
In this country all Nigerians are equal before our Common Laws and Codes of
There should be no Secret Cows under our current Democratic Dispensations,
unless of course, if our country is really an Orwellian – Double – Speak of
a country, (an Animal Farm),in the which the Fulani muslims are the the Pigs
which are more equal than other animals.Lol !!!
Thus,the recent precedent set by President Buhari himself,vis – a- vis ,the firing
of his Finance Minister, Madame Kemi Adesun must be applied in his case too.
Buhari must go jare !
He is a damned perjurer and a bloody liar too.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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