Comment on JUST IN: INEC postpones elections to Feb. 23 by THE NOON

This must be a fake news in the minds of millions of Nigerians and probably an unprecedented political April fool worse than the annulment of June-12-1993 Presidential election however the socioeconomy, political and security ordeal created by postponement of Feb-16-2019 presidential election while the reasons was unjustifiable as far as democracy is concerns as well question the independency of INEC. The timing of the postponement of the election show that INEC Chairman should face the legal consequence of his unwarranted, negligence and total abused of power of his office moreover failure to sue Professor Mahmud Yakubu before 23-Feb-2019 will amount to an unprecedented injustice to not only helpless Nigerians but to democracy. How could an election be postponed in just less than 3 hours? The INEC chairman has many fundamental questions to answer, if any legal action is not taking as a precedent against the INEC chairman definitely Nigerians should stoped the malicious accusation of Former Military President Gen.IBB for the annulment of June-12-1993 Presidential election of which those championing it should rendered apology to Gen. IBB.

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