Comment on Kidnapping, banditry not federal offences –FG by THE NOON

This is not the appropriate time to interpret law in the court of public imagination because the position of Mr Lai Muhammed only aided already baseless National commotion on general insecurities of lives and properties but whether Federal law or not Federal law President Muhammad BUHARI still constitutionally remained Commander-In-Chief of armed Forces FRN which politically mean that The President has primary constitutional obligations to protect Nigerians in home an in diaspora so Mr Lai Muhammed should know this is a wrong time for him to suddenly turned himself to (SAN) on recklessly interpreting ABRACADABRA in the court of 80% Idled Brains in Nigeria society However a sicked society like Nigeria which all systems of government failed to work since 1960 and symptoms of sickness of a society are manifesting on daily basis required Military Brutality in a direction of achieving War-Against-Indicipline not really in a direction of persecution because it obvious that the divine I.e Scriptures failed to Changed people from negative way of life while man made law also failed in many ways to ensure law and order because Nigerians are habitually not law abiding people therefore Federal law or not federal law Who really is ready to obey law in Nigeria?

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