Comment on Kidnapping, banditry: Police launch Operation Puff Adder for Osun, Oyo, Ondo by Dr.Uche Kalu

Banditry, Kidnppings for ransoms,Bank Robberies et al are all the symptoms
of our Failed State Status ás a Moribund Banana Republic.
Out there are teeming populations of our able-bodied unemployed Youths
with no prospects whatsoever for their futures,because there are no social
outlets in the country.
Of course,idle brains are the devils worshops and hungry men are very
angry people indeed.
But man must wach ojare!
Come to think about that, it is indeed our Governing Kleptocrats,who loot
and share amongst themselves,our vast gas and oil revenues of the N’Delta
leaving absolutely not a kobo for the down-trodden masses, that are to blame for the Banditry,Kidnappings for ransoms,Bank Robberies et al.
Deploying the Army or the Police against our jobless Youths,whose only modus vivendi is taking to crimes as the only means for survival,might in the very long run lead to anarchy in the polity just like in Central America.
President Buhari ought to be advised by his men to immediately return the
huge sum of $25bn,which he misapropriated (stole) from our National Till,for
his dubious Petroleu Exploration Scam Contract wiith the NNPC.
That sum of money could be utilized in creating jobs for over 25 millions
of our unemployed able-bodied Youths in Agriculture,Horticulure,Fishery et al.
Our Elected Officials are the highest paid Officials in the entire world.,
While our Senators take home quartely about $4 millions equivalent ,their House of Representative Counterparts take home about $3millions equivlent for the same Period.
But in Nigeria the minimum monthly wage is less than $70, in a country where two thirds of the popultion is unemployed and also they are not entitled to any jobless benefits at all.
In President Buhari’s Islamic North there are over 20 millions beggars and
street urchins in the Cities and Towns,while in the South, where hitherto beggary was once a tabu,baggars are gradually becoming common sights
all over the Cities and Towns in the South.
President Buhari should call off the ongoing daily pogroms in the North
West in the name of fighting Bandits and kidnappers.The people of the
North West need some bread and butter not those bullets and bombs raining on them everyday.
Down with the status quo of Hausa/Fulani Islamic hegemony!!

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