Comment on Lagos, Ogun sign MoU, inaugurate commission on borderline devt by THE NOON

These were Good examples of Democratic Restructuring but still failed totally to promote regional economy development of the entire South Western States which bordered each other while the motives of Lagos and Ogun States on this MOU clearly violated National and regional interest because a Democratic Restructuring should foster regional and national economy emancipation by laying a solid foundation that determined true sense of brotherhood in a long term economy agenda that will breaks the States boundary barriers where national interest prevailed over regional or state interest.
Over 20years of Democracy in Nigeria, The Democratic leadership at all levels failed to philosophically use the power of Democratic Restructuring through legislation and long term policies and programs to foster regional economy integration in key areas of economy potential of the Three main regions in Nigeria as well guaranteed that commercial agricultural activities in many rural areas along States borders are established, Regional construction business are also established in order to repealed what often called Federal roads where Federal government will stop execution of road project of which the funds will becomes regional funds these are key examples of Democratic Restructuring that guaranteed long-term development and foster unity of purpose among States not really the questionable and unclear clamouring for Restructuring which many of the agitators were unable to defined because they blindly failed to understand the Democratic tools of Restructuring which often been abused over 20years.

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