Comment on Lawan, Ndume declare for Senate presidency by Dr.Uche Kalu

Isn’t it a blot on the escutcheon of man and also an unforgivable slur over
the memories of over 50000 innocen people killed so far by the Boko Haram
Jihadist Squads, that Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume is still a free man today and would want to be the President of our Nigerian Senate?
But here is a man,who did confess that over the years,he had offered logistics to the Jihadist Killer Squads and did also direct their operations.
As of then, the Boko Haram Terrorists did not only bomb and kill Christians at
worship,they also destroyed hundreds of Christian places of worship and bombed UN Office setting off in their wake,comdemnations and protests at home and across the globe.
A particular case at that time, was the Boko Haram’s masscre at Emir Bayero’s College in Kano , where because of the banning of Chapel within the Campus,Christians were forced to improvise with one of the auditoria in the College as their place of worship.
Among the victims of that masscre,were two Prominent Yoruba Professors:
Prof. Jerome Ayodele , Prof. Andrew Leo Ogbonyomi, and along with them were scores of Christian Staffs and Students of that College.
In a normal clime,Senator Ali Ndume ought to have paid the ultimate price or be locked up for the rest of his miserable life, for the part he played in the ongoing Boko Haram’s killing campaigns.
But Mallam Mohmmed Ali Ndume is a muslim and therefore he is only
answerable to Allah and is subject to Sharia-jurisprudence only.He is an untouchable and therefore above our common codes of conducts and laws.
What a country! What a crying shame indeed!
The fucking bloke wanna be our Senate President.
No to the status quo ante Bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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