Comment on Let Sowore go by Dr Uche Kalu

It should be ”Buhari Must Go ” not ”Let Swore GO” jare!
Nigerians seem to have forgotten the case of Mazi Olisa Metu,whose only crime
is his being an Igbo and an erstwhile prominent PDP Stalwart under Dr.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Presidency.
Mazi Olisa Metu has been languishing in President Buhri’s DSS Gestapo Gulag since 2015 and along with him, is Mallam Sambo Dazuki,whose only crime is his
taking part in the coup de’ etat against Dictator Muhammdu Buhari in 1985.
The crime that Chief Omoyele Swore stands accused of , is simply about his call for an unarmed Revolution/ Now Protest against an evil and a very wicked muslim tyrant, who for the past bloody four years has plunged this moribund country of ours into a Hobbessian State of Nature.
This current case of Chief Swore and his co-defendant, Chief Bakare ought to be the last straw that will break the camel’s back.
Buhari must go jare !
After all, Nigeria was not created to archieve a high moral purpose,but rather she was brought into being by the British Imperialists intent on exploiting the huge
quantity of human and natural resources in their Colonial Amalgam.
Like in South Africa,where they bequeathed the country to their proxy, the Afrikaans (Boers),in Nigeria the Arch-Imperialist Brits bequeathed our country to
Fulanis,so that we may never succeed as country.
Apartheid is currently no – more in in South Africa.
Come to think about it; over half a century after our Independence from Great
Britain on October 1st 1960, Nigeria today is virtually a Banana Republic.
Yet we’ve got all that it takes for us to be a great and a rich country amongst the
greatest and richest in the community of nations.
But lo! Our fatherland has fallen into the callous hands and firm grips of those
Troglodytes, the lazy and lecherous beggar folks and nomadic parasites,who have become a permanent curse to us as a country and to the entire humanity at large.
The Abokis are currently waging an undeclared war against us native Nigerians.
For us Indigenous Nigerians,whose ancestors survived slavery,our grand parents
and parents endured British Colonialism,the basis for our continued
cohabitation with the alien Fulani sojourners of the north and their Hausa/Kanuri
mongrels revolves wholly on the premises of restructuring of the country.
Without that, the ultima ratio at this juncture will be for us Nigerians to either go our fucking separate ways in peace or to go to war like the Yugoslaves.
Our children and posterity must not be silly vassals of the Abokis like us today
under Buhari’s dictatorship.
”Si vis pacem para bellum! ”
Buhari must go jare.
No to the status ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!
All Hail Bifra,Our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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